Good Faith Farm Stand

Frequent Asked questionS

Q: What are good faith farm's practices?

A: visit our PRACTICES PAGE on our website to read all about our farming pracites.


Q:Is Good Faith FArm certified organic?

A: yes, good faith farm is certified by the ORGANIC CERTIFIERS


Q: what makes good faith farm olives raw?

A: At good faith faith we cold cure our olives with a salt water brine for 6 to 18 months. the olives go through a natural lactic fermentation and retain all of their live probiotics, digest enymes, bacterias, & yeasts making them truely raw. from the orchards to your table, everything is kept cold, not to mention hand harvested, sorted, cured, & packaged. 


Q: how does good faith farm make their olive oil?

A: Our olive oil is hand harvested and cold pressed from organic olives. we only use first pressing and store our oil in stainless steel airtight containers. we bottle to order, so our customers are receiving the freshest olive oil on the market. we make a limited supply of premium olive oil as a courtesy to our olive customers and encourage that you buy our raw olives with your olive oil order. 


Q: in previous years good faith required that I bought olives in order to purchase olive oil, does this rule still apply?

A: Yes, we encourage our customers to support our farm through purchasing olives in addition to olive oil. As we only offer our limited supply of premium olive oil as a courtesy to our raw olive customers. 


Q: why have prices increased since my last mail order?

A: The prices found on our online store now match the exact same prices that have always been offered at our local farmers markets. due to higher Labor, packaging, handling & shipping costs, as well as production costs increases due california's drought we are no longer able to offer reduced mail order prices. 


Q:why is shipping expensive?

A: Our shipping rates are ups real-time calculations intergrated into our website directly from ups. Weight & Location are prime factors in detemining shipping cost for ups. rates tend to be cheaper with larger orders.


Q: how long should I expect to wait to receive my order once It has been placed.

A: We are anticipating heavy demand with the launch of our new online store, but will most likely ship order within 2 weeks of receiving them. 


Q: Can I buy good faith farm products in person?

A: yes, please visit our website for a list of our FARMERS MARKETS & RETAIL LOCATIONSIf you do not see us in your local natural foods store or grocery feel free to send them our information and hopefuly we can share our olives with your community too!


please send us an email at if you have any more questions!

Gratitude, gff